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On SVCLookup, we've got three business promotion packages for you to choose from. Our basic package is free, the premium package is $108/annum and the platinum package is $324/annum. If you're not sure which package is best for your business, just ask us!

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At SVCLookup, we love to help small businesses grow. By registering your business on our online business directory, you can enjoy all the exclusive benefits of running a managed listing.

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If you're a business owner with a SVCLookup listing, let us know how we can help.

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What better way to build exposure for your business than to buy ad spots on SVCLookup? Whether you own a listing with us or not, we'd love to hear your proposal. Please kindly contact us to discuss our available paid advertising options and pricing structure.

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Whether you need help with your business listing's ranking in search results or have an issue with a review, please let us know so we can find a way to help you.

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Whether you're a member trying to download a discount voucher or you're a business owner that's having trouble designing one, let us know how we can help.

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Yes. we have the "buy AD spot" service and would love to hear your proposal. Please kindly contact us to discuss our available paid advertising options and pricing structure.
Once you've published your listing, our moderators will review all the inputs to ensure they meet with our business listing policy. You will be notified by email whether your listing has been approved or needs further enhancement.

This process usually takes one business day, otherwise please do let us know.
When you close down your business or the ownership changes, be sure to contact us so we can help to update your listing status. Proof documents may be required at SVCLookup's own discretion. Please understand that SVCLookup will not remove listings for unacceptable reasons, like negative reviews. You can find out more details in our business listing policy.

In most circumstances, no refund will be paid if the status of your business is changed.
The "Enquire" link on your listing allows SVCLookup members to contact you via email for any business enquiries. By default, this option is turned on automatically when you create your business listing for the first time.

To turn it off, just click "Manage Business" in the top-right dropdown menu and select the "Business Settings" menu, then check off the "Allow members to send me enquiry emails on my listing" option.

Please bear in mind, turning off this option may make it harder for potential customers to contact you.
The ability to upload a business logo is a basic listing feature that is included in all of our business promotion packages. Premium and platinum packages have the additional bonus of showing a colored logo in the search results, whilst basic packages are limited to a grayed-out monotone logo.
Yes, absolutely! You're free to modify your business listing anytime you want. We encourage our business owners to keep their listing updated and fresh, such as a change in business operating hours.

To update your existing listing, simply log in and click on the icon at the top right hand corner of the browser. This will reveal a dropdown menu with the "Manage business" link, click on it and there you have it.
No. All CC payments on the SVCLookup site will be processed through highly reputable third-party providers, who are dedicated to processing secure credit card payments for merchants. SVCLookup will NOT store any your credit card details on our database.
Paid listings (premium and platinum packages) have an expiry date, starting from your last payment date. When your listing is reaching expiration, you have the following options
  • Option 1: follow the instructions in our listing renewal reminder email, and complete the payment for a new subscription.
  • Option 2: renew the listing by yourself, anytime. In the "Manage Business" section, click the "Renew Listing" button and simply complete the payment.
  • Option 3: do nothing and let your listing expire. Your paid listing will automatically be converted to a basic package on the expiry day. All those advanced features (e.g. photo gallery, roadshow, prioritised positioning, featured highlights, etc) will be deactivated.

Please note:
  • The minimum extended subscription is a year
  • No matter which option you choose, your listing data will remain on SVCLookup so you can choose to reactivate your listing at any time should you want to enjoy the paid features again.
When you create a new or renew an existing paid listing (premium or platinum package), you will need to prepay a year's subscription. One year is our minimum subscription period.
If you want to upgrade your business listing, simply log in and click on the icon at the top right hand corner of the browser. This will reveal a dropdown menu with the "Manage Business" link, click on it and click through to the "Upgrade My Listing" section. Navigate the page and follow the steps provided to finalise the upgrade and you're done.
A business listing can be unmanaged, meaning it isn't linked to a registered SVCLookup account. It's not uncommon to see the basic information of your business already listed, as it is usually publicly shared or has been added by one of our members as a missing business.

If you're the owner of an unmanaged listing, please claim it and start enjoying in the benefits of being a managed business. Simply click the "Claim ownership" link and follow the instructions to take the ownership. Proof documents may be required at SVCLookup's discretion.
Registered members are entitled to exclusive fun features that aren't available to anonymous users

  • Write a review for any business you've had an experience with
  • Bookmark a business as your favourite for quick and easy access later
  • Send email enquiries directly to the business owner of any listing with questions about any of their products and services
  • Receive SVCLookup newsletters containing the latest offers and promotions
  • Share a discount voucher with your friends
Being a SVCLookup member is FREE, and is as simple as filling out a form. Join us now.
Yes. We don't (and never will) profit from selling your data to any third parties and definitely won't be making annoying high-pressure marketing calls on behalf of other business entities for commissions. SVCLookup is an independent platform, simply helping to connect members (service lookup-ers) and business owners (service providers) to achieve a complementary demand and win-win result. From continual staff training to only using secure technologies, you can rest assured that we take user privacy very seriously.
The "Business Tools" section is primarily designed for business owners, providing them with a set of handy tools all in one place. From a loan repayment calculator to a calendar indicating when public holidays are, these tools can deliver extra value to owners who choose to promote their business on SVCLookup. Plus they're free, so make sure you check them out today.
You can request it as a missing business to us. Our team will try our best to make it available to you. Thank you for your contribution to the quality of SVCLookup's database.
Living in this Internet age, it is essential to build an online presence for your business if you haven't. As Australia's new-star online business search and compare engine, SVCLookup is committed to helping everyday business owners get noticed and succeed within today's competitive market.

SVCLookup is proud to offer an unbeatable combination of state-of-the-art business directory features and fun discount voucher sharing capabilities. Alongside some other essential business tools, our affordable listing solutions are designed to give your business maximum exposure 24/7, all year round.

Why would you pay hundreds to thousands of dollars per year for a premium listing when SVCLookup's platinum package is only $324/annum? Our three cost-effective business promotion packages are designed to help small to medium business owners get noticed. We're here to help you.

If you've got any questions or would like to share some feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Business information can get out-of-date over time, such as business addresses and contact numbers. If you're the business owner of an unmanaged listing, you can claim your business first then update the listing by yourself. If you're a member, please report the problem to us. Thank you for your contribution to the quality of SVCLookup's database.
No. Our business review policy does not allow business owners to review their own businesses. By design, you're not able to see the "Write a review" link on your own listing.
Like many other businesses, sometimes it's just impossible to keep all reviews positive. Positive? Take it as a pat on the back and keep doing what you're doing! Negative? Don't worry, take it as constructive criticism and learn from it - it's a win-win situation.

The best way to handle a negative review is to improve your business services in order for positive reviews to dominate. In doing so, your average review ranking will increase overtime.

For platinum package listings, you can selectively show off your positive review - the one that best represents your business in a positive light.

Alternatively, you always can report an inappropriate review to us if you believe it doesn't comply with SVCLookup's business review policy. Simply click the "report" link near the review and we will take care of the rest.
No. SVCLookup is a platform that does not and will never profit from removing dependable member reviews even if they're negative. This certainly isn't part of our services.

If a review doesn't comply with our business review policy, business owners can report it to us for further investigation. If our team deems a review inappropriate, we will advise the member to modify or even retract it at our discretion.
Yes. Our moderator team will go through every single business review before approval. If the review doesn't comply with our business review policy, we will contact the member directly to modify the comment.
Remember SVCLookup's slogan - "quality business search and compare"? We value the quality of each single listing published in SVCLookup's online community, from basic free listings to paid platinum listings. Your contribution to high quality information will help our platform become more valuable and useful to our members, and as such, you can enjoy rewards for your efforts in return.

A high-quality listing is defined based on, but not limited to, the following factors
  • How members rate and interact with your business - positive business reviews, or saved as a favourite business by many members
  • How well the business profile is filled out - e.g. have you included your business ABN number and operating hours?
  • How many members like and download your discount vouchers
  • SVCLookup award badges
Read "How to boost search rank" for more details on improving your search ranking.
Yes, you can. As each member can only leave one review per listing, new reviews on the same business will override the previous one. Please note that every time you submit a new review, it will still need to be approved by our moderators prior to publishing.
You can find all the information on this page.
Yes. We will send a notification email to you as soon as our moderator approves the new review.
SVCLookup offers a voucher construction tool to business listings at any package level. To access the discount voucher section, please make sure you are logged in and navigate to the icon at the top right hand corner of the SVCLookup page. In the dropdown menu, simply click on "Design a voucher" to get started. We've made sure to keep the page as user-friendly as possible, so you can easily design and create a voucher just by following the page instructions.

If you do encounter any difficulties when designing a voucher for your business, feel free to contact us.
Each business can only publish one voucher at a time. This restriction ensures that everyone has a fair go, with a focus on quality rather than quantity.

There are a few other restrictions you need to consider when designing a discount voucher for your business, more details can be found in our discount voucher policy.
You need to first be a registered member, if not, make sure you become a SVCLookup member today. Once you're logged in, you can click on any voucher you're interested in to access its linked business profile page. Select the "Discount Voucher" tab, and you'll be able to see the voucher. To share it with others, either click the "Share" link at the top of the page, or hover on the voucher itself then click the "Share" button. A pop-up window will appear and simply follow the instructions to share the voucher with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
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