SVCLookup Business Owner Reward Badgeswork hard and be rewarded for your efforts

What are SVCLookup award badges?

We know running a business in today's competitive market isn't easy, it requires dedication and determination to keep your customers happy and satisfied. As such, SVCLookup team will review and qualify eligible business owners for our exclusive award badges on a yearly basis. When you receive an award badge from the SVCLookup team, they will appear on your business profile page, showing off all your efforts and contribution to the community. Think of it as a virtual gold star!

There are 2 types of award badges business owners can receive:
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Voucher Contribution

Benefits of award badges

Not only can you be proud of your achievements, award badges can also deliver a huge range of benefits for your business listing on SVCLookup, including:
  • A chance to improve your rankings in search results
  • Makes your listing more eye-catching and attention grabbing on the search page
  • Elicits more trust and confidence from customers who have never used your business services or products before
  • Builds credibility for your business and gives you the opportunity to be an expert and valued contributor in your field or industry
These are just a few of the key benefits you can look forward to but trust us, SVCLookup award badges will give your business the boost it needs.

Okay that all sounds great, how can I get a SVCLookup award badge?

So now that you understand all there is to know about the SVCLookup award badges, here are a few tips to help get you on your way to earning your first one (and hopefully, one of many more to come!)
  • Make sure you regularly maintain and update your listing's information and details
  • Keep working hard to get positive customer reviews and use negative feedback to improve your service offerings
  • Construct and contribute high quality, valuable discount vouchers - to build up a high number of likes or shares from members
  • Respond to all customer queries promptly and politely
We look forward to you becoming one of SVCLookup's award badge recipients. Good luck!