Boost SVCLookup Listing Ranking

Why search ranking on SVCLookup is important to your business?

In today's booming digital age, it is essential for businesses to build an online presence; However just like Google search, users rarely go beyond page three to find a match for what they're looking for. A higher search ranking can help your business listing stand out and not lost in the sea of competition. But how does that have anything to do with your business listing on SVCLookup?

Because SVCLookup is getting bigger and popular, there is a chance that when users search for certain keywords related to your business in Google, your SVCLookup business listing may start to appear on the first page of Google organically. We work hard to ensure the SVCLookup website is search engine friendly at all times and as such, a higher ranking in SVCLookup's internal search results will inevitably give your business greater online exposure – both through SVCLookup's very own customers and Googlers.

Factors important to your search ranking

We value the quality of each single listing published to SVCLookup's online community, from basic free listing to paid platinum listing. Your contribution to high quality helps our platform become more valuable and useful to our members, reward is given as a return of course.

How can you make sure your business listing is deemed high quality on SVCLookup?
  • If you haven't already, claim ownership of your business listing. Managed accounts will always take priority
  • How members rate and interact with your business - positive business reviews, or saved as a favourite business by many members
  • How well the business profile is filled out - have you included your business ABN number and operating hours?
  • How many members like and download your discount vouchers
  • Work hard and achieve SVCLookup award badges
  • Starting from only $108/year, paid listings enjoy exclusive bonuses

Some tips to basic package business owner

As for basic business listings, there are still many free features right here to help boost your search ranking.
  • Design a discount voucher and give competitive offering for members to download and share
  • Good reviews certainly help because members can sort the search results by review
  • Always keep your business profile up-to-date
  • Attaching a logo to your business certainly catch peoples' eyes
As anything goes in life, it takes a lot of patience and hard work to achieve the end goal, but if you take all our advice into account, you're bound to see results happening sooner or later. Still confused or want to know more? Please feel free to contact us at any time – we'd love to hear from you.