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Smart Choice Health & Beauty...... Simply Natural!
We have been working since 1998 towards natural, effective and affordable health care solutions for everyone.

Our research and development of new products is always based on solid data from both Naturopathic and Pharmaceutical sources and reflective of the needs of our customers.

If you suffer from debilitating pain caused from RSI, Chronic Pain, Sporting Injury, Arthritis, Bursitis & more, we have several options to give you the best outcome for optimum well-being.

Eden Botanicals fragrances are available in two bespoke formulations. Choose from our stunning hand carved soapstone or rosewood containers with a semi solid crystalline perfume inside or our hand blended oil perfume available in a 10 ml roll on or 8.5 ml bottle.

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AddressRockingham, WA 6168
Contact(08) 9529 2499
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